E-bike tour to Menies beach

Saturday 8th August, 9am.

A long off-road E-bike ride on a wide, hill-ridge track, with stunning views and turquoise water to snorkel in at the end.
Good for those in search of adventure off the beaten track.

We start from the village of Rodopo, a once important centre at the base of the peninsula of the same name, today a quiet village. We take a look at the ruins of the old patrician villa, then cycle from the square through its narrow alleys and exit into open landscape.

The road goes from paved to a rocky track, but it’s always wide, with a decent surface and never too steep.
We ride up and down for a while, with infinite views over the sea from the ridge. By the end, the road goes down towards the beach. A secluded cove awaits us, with beautiful blue waters. We can go for a refreshing swim, or visit the ruins of the ancient sanctuary.
After a break, we go back on the same track, first uphill then along the top. We have a different perspective on things from going the other direction. We ride all the way back to Rodopo village, taking in all the rugged beauty, then drive back to our origin.

Booking & info: https://www.fitincrete.com/news/trip/e-bike-menies-beach-tour/