Unnatural catastrophes

A letter we recently received.

“Dear my inhabitants,

I’m writing you a letter to draw your attention to an issue that you seem to be overlooking.
It is something that is very close to my essence.
I love all the beings that live on me, from the oldest and smallest to the latest, complex and demanding. People have a special place in my heart, as you really have grown to become something quite unique.

That is why it pains me to see you do such things to me and to yourselves. Don’t mind me too much, I am very, very old, I have been here for aeons and I have seen things that you can’t even imagine. I say it for you, my children, as a mother sometimes I need to explicitly point you the right way, affectionately yet firmly.

Why do you harm yourselves this way?
Why do you poison the air you breathe?
Why do you pollute the water you drink?
Why do you contaminate the soil that feeds you?

There are times when I just can’t take it any longer and I have a reaction. All that stuff you make, use then leave around. It gets under my skin and it makes me sick, literally. I have to throw it up! And then, even when it’s all out there for everyone to see, you still don’t notice!
Well of course, you are all busy with your own house already, with your private garden, with your piles of stuff. How much care for those heavy metal boxes you use to go around!
But who is left to care for the common space?
Is it not time to wake up and do something that’s good for you and for everyone?

Enough scolding. I do understand, as a mother can, that children will misbehave. They can also inadvertently bring home illness. It’s part of being a family. It will infect the others but it’s all right, it will pass. I know that you are good, and that you mean well.
Now let’s learn from this.

First, spread the message. Go tell your own children, your brothers and sisters. Tell your dear ones, your friends, your neighbours. If you are in a position of influence, you have a higher responsibility. You should lead those around you to act for the common good.

Then, take action. Do it together, it works better. Go clean up some mess. Pick up some rubbish. Plant some trees. Love the animals. Walk, observe. Leave the built-up world behind you for a while, watch the ways of nature.

This is our home. Treat it well. The fields are your skin, you want to keep it clean. The rivers are pulsing with life like veins, let’s keep our blood free to flow. The seas have given birth to life, let them thrive. The skies are our common roof, let’s keep them clear so we can always look up and be amazed by the infinity.

Respect life, and you will truly enjoy it.
Remember, you are all one big family, and I love you all.

Your mother, Earth.”


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.