Cinema: ” Was There or Was There Not” (“Ήταν ή δεν ήταν”, )

The Cultural Association “The Friends of Letters and Arts”  are presenting the second cycle of films within the framework of the exceptional film tribute “Here are the Balkans”, focusing on the high quality and award-winning contemporary Romanian cinema.
“There Was or There Was Not”is a 2006 satire directed by Corneliu Porumboiu, that won the Palme d’Or in Cannes for the best camera.

WHEN: 27th January 20.00
WHERE: Cultural Centre, Andrea Papandreou, Chania
Entrance free.

The full English title refers to the setting of the film and the time of day when the Romanian dictator Nikolae Ceausescu  fled following the revolution, at 12:08 on 22nd December 1989. The original Romanian title  “Was There or Wasn’t There?” refers to the film’s central issue: did Vaslui have any part in the 1989 revolution? The answer depends on whether the city registered any protest before the moment of Ceausescu’s flight.

About the film:
Somewhere in the east of Bucharest two men share their memories of their heroic revolutionary past to overthrow Ceauşescu, live on a local TV. However, viewers call the studio and claim that the two guests did not go out onto the streets but were just having  a coffee in a café or  were involved in Christmas preparations. An intriguing, intrusive commentary on the Romanian Revolution: Did it really happen or did it never happen?

It was or was notSource: Friends of Letters and Arts


The next two films are:
Sunday, 3rd February 3: The Odyssey of Master Lazarescu
Sunday 10th February: Charity

Free entrance.


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