Workshop: “Body Music” – Chania 9th and 10th February

Body Music Seminar with Simone Mongelli (Bodyterranean),percussionist, body music performer and  teacher.

WHEN: Saturday 9th February 18:00 – 21:00 and Sunday 10th February, 11:00 to 14:00

WHERE:  ‘Aliki Vatikiotis’ Hall, Venizelos Conservatory, Nikiforou Foka 5, Chania
Entries: 6978993501
Participation fee 40 euros.

Body Music is the creation of music with the exclusive use of the human body. With the voice, the clapping hands, the feet that strike the ground, the hands that exploit various parts of the body to produce sound, each person can create an impressive musical result by themselves, using their own bodies as musical instruments.

It is a very direct and ancient form of expression, known in musical traditions around the world, which is now revitalized as a modern form of art, combining music and movement. Body music offers significant benefits as it develops physical consciousness, relationship with space, coordination, sense of rhythm, teamwork and, more generally, musicality, acoustic perception, mutual synchronization. For these reasons it is especially important for those who have contacts with the scene (musicians, dancers, actors) and for professionals in the field of education.

The workshop is based on Simone Mongelli’s long and international experience both as a performer and as a teacher, and will be an introduction to his own teaching method: exploring the basic sounds of the human body, coordinating sound and voice with movement, individual and group synchronization, movement in space, and Body Musicuse of the body for the accompaniment of a song.

Source: Venizelos Conservatory


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