Theatre: “Angel” (“Άγγελέ μου”) – Chania 9th – 25th November (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

The KYDONIA Theatre presents the dramatic, touching monologue for a female performer, written by Henry Naylor, a British writer, director and peformer.
Info in Greek see below.
WHERE: Kydonia Theater, Ypsilanton 12, Chania
WHEN: 9 shows from Friday 9th to Sunday 25th November, every Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 21.30.

Tickets:  € 12 and  €10  for students
On-line ticket pre-sale:
and as well as in the Public stores
Information – bookings: Kydon Theatre  2821092395

Angel is inspired by the story of a female sniper – the Angel of Kobani – who held ISIS in check for over a year in war torn Syria. As a young female law student, she joined the resistance when the town of Kobani was besieged – and quickly discovered that she had a talent for killing. In the midst of the worst fighting since Stalingrad,she is said to have  shot and killed 100 extremists – which made her particularly feared by ISIS, as they believe that if they are killed by a woman they cannot enter Paradise.

ANGEL  was translated into Greek and premiered at the Kydonia Theatre  from July 6th-29th.

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